Start-Up Competition Finalist Demos & Awards Ceremony at Le Web 2012

The startup competition is moderated by Chris Shipley. The judges include:

  • Jean-David Blanc, Entrepreneur & Business Angel
  • Jacques Antoine-Granjon, Founder & CEO,
  • Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder, PROfounders Capital, Chairman, & Founder & Chairman,
  • Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Co-Founder & CEO, PriceMinister, Co-Founder of ISAI, The French Entrepreneur’s Fund
  • Marc Simoncini, Founder & CEO, Meetic & Jaina Capital


The finalist startups include:

Be-Bound. Solution for data roaming when traveling, without wifi, LTE, 3G, or Edge. The system uses 2G, so if you can make a call, you can use the Internet. It is SMS-based, so it is very affordable, compared to data roaming plans.

The solution uses a number of meta-apps, for weather, email, hotel and restaurant searches … but there is no ability to surf the Internet. The system is at least 5 times cheaper for receiving 100 emails compared to a data roaming plan.

qunb. A big-data solution to search for numerical information, visualize it, and use it online and offline. It’s like an iTune for numbers. They #fail their first time around, since their solution was too early. So today, their solution allows you to broadcast your data online. This allows for multi-series comparisons across many data providers. qunb allows you to host, show, and broadcast your data.

People may even be able to sell their own data using the system, like an eBay for data.

recommend ( Recommendations from the people you trust, mobile optimized.

Not sure why this would be better than or replace Yelp, for instance.

And the winner is …


It’s somehow fitting, since qunb helps deal with big data related to the Internet of Things.