You’ve reached my personal blog, thanks for stopping by. In short, I create platforms for people to connect:

I am also the co-author of “Securing The Clicks: Network Security in the Age of Social Media“, which provides companies with knowledge and actions they can put to use immediately to harden corporate networks against social media attacks.

Until recently, I served an adjunct professor at the University of Miami, where I taught a semester-long course on social media. Students from the School of Communication, including aspiring journalists and PR professionals, explored social media topics and case studies involving online identity and expression, community engagement, brand building, and citizen journalism.

An Insead MBA, I speak English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Finnish.

You may also find me at Twitter (@alexdc), where I am participating most actively. Connect with me on Flickr, Facebook,, FriendFeed, Skitch, Digg, YouTube,, Upcoming, Technorati, MyBlogLog, RefreshMiami, Tumblr, Dopplr, Jaiku, Slideshare, Skype: adecarvalho, or Netvibes.

-Alex de Carvalho

Professional Bio (click on photo for high-res version, here for short bio):

Alex is passionate about creating spaces for individuals, companies, and brands to connect. He is the Regional Development Director, South Florida, for Constant Contact, where he helps businesses connect and engage with their customers.

Best known as a social media professional, Alex advises organizations on their use of social networks to build brand relationships with key constituents and the community.

He is adept at business strategy, concept design, marketing communication, as well as  leading the implementation of complex software development projects with distributed teams. He is also an expert in the use of social media monitoring to establish quantitative and qualitative performance metrics and measurement.

is the co-founder of BuzzMed (formerly VoxMed), a worldwide community for physicians, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical companies to exchange scientific information and research.

Previously, he directed business development efforts at online media and mobile content companies and co-founded a leading European e-mail marketing provider. Prior to that, while at a major consultancy, he advised blue-chip companies on strategic initiatives. Clients have included Air France, Chevron, General Motors, Corning Saint-Gobain, British Airways, Repsol, Visa, Le Parisien, NRJ Radio, Carat, Sanofi-Aventis, Nortel Networks, and the Finnish Venture Capital Association.

Based in Miami, Florida, Alex has helped unite South Florida’s tech community by organizing The Startup Forum, Social Media Club, BarCamp, Ignite Miami, Social Media Day, and Mobile Monday events for South Florida new media professionals; he is also a founding member of RefreshMiami.

Over the past six years, these organizations have hosted events for over 10,000 technology and business professionals, leading to new business connections, employment opportunities, and startup ideas. These forums have introduced entrepreneurs to investors, where technologists have demonstrated new applications that have launched as new startup ventures.

An accomplished public speaker, Alex has spoken nationally and internationally to a variety of audiences from C-Level industry executives to high school students. Alex caters each presentation to the audience’s interests and comprehension level, making sense of the complex, exposing the irrelevant, and debunking the most common misconceptions along the way. His speaking style is energetic, informational, and lively; his slides are visual and evocative.

In addition to his career in consulting, Alex is an adjunct professor at the University of Miami’s School of Communications.  He teaches a full-semester course on social media and recently co-authored “Securing The Clicks: Network Security in the Age of Social Media” with MacGraw-Hill.

Alex obtained an MBA from Insead in Fontainebleau France, one of the top-rated international business schools in the world.  He is fluent in  English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Finnish.

Alex would be pleased to connect with you on Twitter (@alexdc), Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.